Top 5 Gift Card Facts for 2012

  • According the CEB TowerGroup, propelling gift card sales past the $100 billion mark is due to an increase in open loop gift card purchases. Such as those offered by American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover ($40 billion), restaurant gift cards ($19 billion) and merchant gift cards ($36 billion).
  • By the year 2015, gift cards are expected to deliver $138 billion in sales.

  • According to the National Retail Federation, this is the highest amount recorded in the survey’s ten year history.
  • The number one reason shoppers buy gift cards is because they allow the recipient to select their own gift. More than one in five (22%) gift givers say they’ll buy gift cards because they are easier and faster than traditional gifts.

  • As in previous years, men plan to spend significantly more on gift cards than women. Men shell out an average of $172.92 on gift cards during the holiday season versus women’s $141.66.
  • According to the National Retail Federation, consumers spend an average of $43.75 on each gift card they purchase.

  • The steady demand for McDonald’s gift cards has landed the fast food chain in the “Top 5 Most Wanted Gift Cards” for the first time. Other than McDonalds, the annual “Top 5” list has remained consistent.
  • Click the link below to read our official press release along with the full list of the “Most Wanted Gift Cards for 2012.” 

  • While electronic gift cards sales have increased since tracking began in 2010, sales in 2012 reflected to be slower than initially projected. 
  • According to CEB TowerGroup, 75 percent of consumers consumers will spend the full amount of money on the card and 30 percent will spend $25 more than the value of the card. This is helping to lower spillage, which is the amount of money left on the gift card that a consumer never spends, to $1.7 billion.

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